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Botanical: Plumbago Europaea (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Plumbaginaceae

---Synonyms---Leadwort. Dentallaria.
(French) Dentelaire.
---Parts Used---Root, herb.
---Habitat---China, Southern Europe, and cultivated in England in hot-houses.

---Description---A half-hardy herbaceous climbing, half-shrubby plant, with large trusses of pale-blue flowers, which are in bloom continuously through the summer. This variety is also known under the name of Plumbago Capensis, and is greatly used in German gardening.

---Constituents---Plumbagin, a crystallizable acrid principle obtained from the root.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---It is acrid, and when chewed creates a free flow of saliva, particularly if root is used; said to be of benefit to relieve toothache, and has long been used in France for that purpose, hence its name, dentalaire; also useful for itch - a decoction of the root in olive oil is much used.

---Other Species---P. Zeylanica is said to be a strong diaphoretic.

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