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Scabious, Lesser
Scabious, Lesser
(Scabiosa columbaria LINN.)

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Scabious, Lesser

Botanical: Scabiosa columbaria
Family: N.O. Compositae

---Part Used---Herb.

The Lesser Scabious is not uncommon on a chalky soil, and is distinguished from the former by its smaller size. The foliage is of a light hue and the leaves very finely cut into. The flowers are lilac, but in nearly globular heads, not so convex, the corollas being five-cleft, not four-cleft, and the outer florets larger than the inner, though not quite so large as in the Field Scabious. Its properties are similar to the larger species just described.

Scabious herb should be collected in July and August and dried. The root is no longer used.

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