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Botanical: Cherranthus cheiri (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Cruciferae

---Synonyms---Gillyflower. Wallstock-gillofer. Giroflier. Gillyflower. Handflower. Keiri. Beeflower. Baton d'or.
---Parts Used---Flowers, stems.
---Habitat---All Southern Europe, on old walls, quarries and seacliffs.

---Description---his homely perennial plant of the cabbage family was introduced into this country over 300 years ago, and its delightful fragrance soon made it a general favourite. It has single flowers, yellowy orange in its wild state, and quickly spreads abundantly from seed, commencing to bloom in early spring, and continuing most of the summer. In olden times this flower was carried in the hand at classic festivals, hence it was called Cherisaunce by virtue of its cordial qualities.

---Constituents---Oil, a powerful glucoside, of the digitalis group, and cherinine, a crystalline alkaloid.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---(In homoeopathic medicine a tincture of the whole plant has been found useful in the effects of cutting the wisdom tooth. -EDITOR.) The oil has a pleasing perfume if diluted, but in full strength a disagreeable odour. The alkaloid is useful acting on nerve centres and on the muscles.

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