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How to stay healthy while you party - 10-31-09
As winter sets in, the parties begin. And continue all the way to March. Everyone's calendar is packed with social occasions - in which all of us tend to binge on food, sweets and alcohol. Needless to say, diets and exercise routines vanish. So if you want to stay fit this season, here's the definitive guide to staying healthy - even as you have fun.

After all the fuss, public option would cover few - 10-31-09
WASHINGTON - What's all the fuss about? After all the noise over Democrats' push for a government insurance plan to compete with private carriers, coverage numbers are finally in: Two percent.

Uncontrollable scratching? Your pet could have allergies - 10-31-09
It's unclear how many pets are affected by allergies, but veterinary dermatologists agree that itchy skin is a common symptom.

Junk food as 'addictive as drugs' - 10-28-09
A diet of burgers, chips, sausages and cake will programme your brain into craving even more foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat, according to new research.

Chief drug adviser fired for marijuana safety claims - 10-30-09
While many people in the U.S. are simply awaiting to see the outcome of legalizing marijuana in all 50 states, it appears the U.K. is having their own issues with acceptance of the drug, and the information provided to the public of its effects.

Stroke risk linked to anemia drug, study finds - 10-30-09
A new study raises fresh safety concerns about widely used anemia medicines, finding that the drug Aranesp nearly doubled the risk of stroke in people with diabetes and chronic kidney problems who are not yet sick enough to need dialysis.

'Lie still' for pregnancy boost - 10-30-09
Women undergoing fertility treatment with artificial insemination may boost their chances of pregnancy if they lie still afterwards, a study shows.

Obama to lift U.S. entry ban for those with HIV - 10-30-09
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama said Friday that a U.S. travel ban against people infected with the HIV virus will be overturned early next year.

UK Drug Czar Warns That Alcohol Is More Dangerous That Ecstasy - 10-30-09
UK (ChattahBox) - An official for the British government has released a statement saying that the priority of drug dangers should be changed, putting alcohol and cigarettes ahead of ecstasy, LSD, and other drugs.

The Alternative Medicine Cabinet:
Aloe Vera for Burns - 10-29-09
The Science: Aloe vera gel may very well be the crown jewel of skin-soothing treatments for damaged skin. And for good reason: Numerous studies have provided evidence that it can heal the minor burns and scrapes that a harsh world can inflict on sensitive skin. Scientists suspect that has to do with the gel's anti-inflammatory properties.

Dieting 'keeps diabetes at bay' - 10-29-09
A period of careful eating and regular exercise can stave off diabetes for a decade, a study suggests.
US researchers followed up nearly 3,000 overweight people who had taken part in a three year diabetes prevention programme.

House health bill clocks in at 1,990 pages - 10-29-09
The House health care bill unveiled Thursday clocks in at 1,990 pages and about 400,000 words. With an estimated 10-year cost of $894 billion, that comes out to about $2.24 million per word.

End-of-life counseling remains in health bill - 10-29-09
The Medicare end-of-life planning provision that 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said was tantamount to 'death panels' for seniors is staying in the latest Democratic health care bill unveiled Thursday.

Cancers Can Vanish Without Treatment, but How? - 10-26-09
Call it the arrow of cancer. Like the arrow of time, it was supposed to point in one direction.
But as a paper in The Journal of the American Medical Association noted last week, data from more than two decades of screening for breast and prostate cancer call that view into question.

'Aura' migraines a stroke risk - 10-28-09
Young women who have migraines with auras are twice as likely to have a stroke, researchers have confirmed.

Curry spice 'kills cancer cells' - 10-28-09
An extract found in the bright yellow curry spice turmeric can kill off cancer cells, scientists have shown.

Coffee lovers don't face higher risk of heart ills - 10-28-09
Contrary to findings from an earlier study, new research suggests that coffee lovers do not face an increased risk of heart failure.

The Healing Cat's Claw - 10-28-09
The Amazon rainforest, the largest rainforest on earth, is richer in plant life than any other place in the world. Targeted by pharmaceutical companies for over a century as a land of exploration for source materials of new drugs, the Amazon rainforest is also a treasure trove of botanicals for the herbal supplement industry. Among the many Amazon botanicals which have come to light in recent years, Una de Gato (Uncariatomentosa), which means "cat's claw" in Spanish, is one of the most promising of all.

Push to Legalize Marijuana Gains Ground in California - 10-27-09
SAN FRANCISCO - These are heady times for advocates of legalized marijuana in California - and only in small part because of the newly relaxed approach of the federal government toward medical marijuana.

World's biggest killers? Sex, alcohol and fat - 10-27-09
Tackling just five health factors could prevent millions of premature deaths and increase global life expectancy by almost 5 years, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday.

Kids on psych drugs have alarming weight gain - 10-27-09
Children on widely used psychiatric drugs can quickly gain an alarming amount of weight; many pack on nearly 20 pounds and become obese within just 11 weeks, a study found.

10 Ways Herbal Remedies can help protect you against Colds and Flu * - 10-27-09
The typical signs of the common cold are a runny or blocked nose, a sore throat, sneezing, cough, headache and mild fever.

ADHD Drugs Side Effects Raise Concerns - 10-27-09
A new report from Australia is raising alarm about potentially dangerous side effects of drugs used to treat ADHD. The report states that 30 children have had suicidal thoughts (some attempting suicide), while taking drugs for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), causing the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia to upgrade the guidelines for prescribing ADHD drugs, such as Ritalin.

Centre wants to put herbal medicines to the test - 10-27-09
New Delhi: Given the high demand for herbal medicines in India and abroad, the Centre has decided to run all ayurvedic products through stringent quality control measures. As a result, all ayurvedic products might need to get validation from the Quality Council of India and products that clear the test will get the "AYUSH" seal for purity and good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Nearly one in three people with HIV do not know: EU - 10-26-09
Almost one in three people infected with the virus that causes AIDS do not know they have the disease, increasing the risk of infection, the European Commission warned Monday.

1 in 5 Youngsters Lacking in Vitamin D
U.S. News & World Report - 10-26-09
A new study finds that about 20 percent of U.S. children between ages 1 and 11 aren't getting enough vitamin D, the Associated Press reports.

Health study links mobile phone use to four kinds of cancer - 10-26-09
A major international health study has shown that excessive mobile phone use can be linked to four different kinds of cancer.

The research, which has taken 10 years and cost £20million, found that heavy mobile users suffered up to 50 per cent more tumours.

Herbal Medicine for Pets Helps Calm Firework Jitters - 10-26-09
Over half of pets are reported to be afraid of loud noises and with Fireworks Night just around the corner, pet owners are being advised to treat their beloved pets with safe herbal Skullcap and Valerian tablets to calm their nerves.

Herbal drug crackdown: Millions face having to buy remedies on black market as Europe tightens the rules - 10-25-09
Patients could lose access to safe herbal medicines under EU rules, it was claimed yesterday.

Instead they could end up buying potentially dangerous supplies from the black market, say herbalists.

Sales of all herbal remedies, except for a small number of products for 'mild' illness, will be banned to the public under the new law to come in in 2011.

Obama Administration's New Marijuana Policy Sparks Serious Discussion - 10-25-09
Last week the Obama administration announced it would not seek to federally prosecute individuals or dispensaries who use or provide medicinal marijuana, as long as they complied with state law. Instead, a Justice Department memo said state prosecutors should pursue "significant traffickers" of illegal drugs, including marijuana.

Best Herb Garden Secrets - 10-25-09
Herbs are the most fascinating member of the plant family. Cultivating a herb garden offers unique rewards for the intrepid hortulan devotee.

Traditional medicine can treat HIV - 10-23-09
The other reason is potency. Some African herbs are more efficacious than western medicines. Take vuka vuka, for example.
Some lucky women will attest that even before the advent of Viagra, vuka vuka was already performing aphrodisiac wonders in their husbands. Who knows whether knowledge of vuka vuka led to Pfizer's Viagra?

Low dose radiation 'harms heart' - 10-22-09
Low doses of radiation can cause cardiovascular disease, according to work carried out by mathematicians at Imperial College.

Medical marijuana patients can travel with pot from SFO, other Bay Area airports - 10-21-09
Considering the haziness surrounding medical marijuana laws, it may be surprising that some of the most uptight places in the Bay Area - local airports - are also some of the most laid back when it comes to medical pot patients.

San Francisco police, who patrol San Francisco International Airport, say they allow card-holding medical marijuana patients to carry up to 8 ounces of dried cannabis when traveling. The SFO policy follows the guidelines police use within the city of San Francisco, said Sgt. Wilfred Williams.

Traditional healers may hold the key - 10-21-09
"Modern" medicines are, after all, made of something, almost always something organic and many, such as penicillin, at least two of the anti-malaria medicines, some heart medicines and many others were originally made from plants or moulds before being synthesised in a laboratory.

Misai Kucing Herbal Extract Can Prevent Cancer: USM Research - 10-21-09
PENANG, Oct 21 (Bernama) - A group of researchers from Universiti Sains Malaysia here succeeded in producing standardised "Misai Kucing" (Orthosiphon Stamineus) herbal extract for the treatment of cancer.

Poll: 44 Percent Support Marijuana Legalization - 10-20-09
A new poll from Gallup shows that 44 percent of Americans now support legalizing marijuana, with 54 percent opposed. This is the highest-ever support for legalization in the Gallup poll.

Herbal tonic for radiotherapy
Antioxidant extracts of the leaves of the Gingko biloba tree may protect cells from radiation damage, according to a study published in the International Journal of Low Radiation. The discovery may one day be used to help reduce side effects in cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy.

Could Medical Marijuana Become Legal In Illinois?
ALTON, IL ( - Federal prosecutors and drug agents will no longer go after medical marijuana clinics or their patients.

Medical pot war shifts to battle over dispensaries
Inland cities are embracing a recent court decision that they believe gives them authority to ban medical marijuana dispensaries -- often storefront operations where the drug is sold to patients with a doctor's recommendation

Goldenseal one of the most useful herbal remedies
Aptly named for its contorted golden-yellow root, Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) was once plentiful to the deciduous forests of North Carolina.

Herbal highs for your skin: It's not just hippies who are partial to natural beauty
They've always been the wonder-workers of folklore, but now herb extracts are the latest magical ingredient in high-tech skincare.

Pennsylvania Man Busted With Marijuana Stuck on Forehead, Police Say
Twenty-nine-year-old Cesar Lopez is charged with drug possession after police say an officer saw him with a bag of marijuana stuck to his forehead.

Medical marijuana legislation growing throughout country
As more states debate medical marijuana policies, research at LSU Health Sciences Center-New Orleans offers new insights into how marijuana may affect people who suffer with HIV and AIDS.

Herbs for what ails you
Feeling puny? Sometimes the cure can be as close as your garden.

It is too late to shut the door on GM foods
Consumers said no to the GM farming giants a decade ago, but that didn't stop millions of tonnes of their soya entering the food chain

Understanding Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese herbal medicine is one of the major clinical healing modalities in the ancient Chinese medical system.
Part 1...
Part 2...

Los Angeles Prepares for Clash Over Marijuana
LOS ANGELES - There are more marijuana stores here than public schools. Signs emblazoned with cannabis plants or green crosses sit next to dry cleaners, gas stations and restaurants.

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