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Cocillana Bark

Botanical: Guarea rusbyi (BRIT.)
Family: N.O. Meliaceae

---Synonyms---Sycocarpus Rusbyi. Guarea trichiliodes.
---Part Used---Bark.

---Description---A large Bolivian tree; flowers in axillary clusters; bark ashy grey on the older trees on account of lichen growths; the inner bark is generally thicker than the outer; fracture, coarse fibrous splinters; odour musk like; taste distinctive, astringent and nauseous; leaves pinnate and of peculiar growth, as the lower leaflets fall young ones grow at the end of the same leaf-stalk, which elongates, the lower outer portion becomes woody with an outer bark and a thin pith inside and grows into a branch.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---The bark causes vomiting, and often prostration and nausea. In action very like ipecacuanha, but a more stimulating expectorant. Used with success in the treatment of bronchitis and pulmonary complaints.

---Preparations---Fluid extract: dose, 5 to 20 drops.

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