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Botanical: Gleditschia triacanthos (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Leguminosae

---Synonyms---Gleditschine. Honey Locust. Gleditschia Ferox. Three-(t)horned Acacia.
---Parts Used---The twigs and leaves.
---Habitat---Eastern and Central United States.

---Description---A small, thorny tree, with pinnated leaves and greenish flowers growing in dense spikes. The younger and smaller branches have strong, triple tapering thorns. In the autumn they bear thin, flat pods resembling apple-parings. They contain seeds surrounded by a sweetish pulp from which it is stated that sugar has been extracted. The wood is chiefly used for fencing.

---Constituents---An alkaloid, Gleditschine, has been abstracted, and another called Stenocarpine. It also contains cocaine, and probably atropine.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---Stenocarpine was introduced as a local anaesthetic in 1887. Gleditschine was found to produce stupor and loss of reflex activity in a frog.

---Other Species---
G. Macracantha possesses similar properties, and is indigenous to China.


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