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Botanical: Solanum carolinense (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Solanaceae

---Synonyms---Bull Nettle. Treadfoot. Sand Brier. Apple of Sodom. Poisonous Potato.
---Parts Used---Air-dried ripe berries, root.
---Habitat---United States of America. This weed is a hardy, coarse perennial, found growing in waste sandy ground as far west as Iowa and south to Florida.

---Description---Bears orange yellow berries which is the most active part of the plant, they are glabrous and fleshy, with an odour like pepper, taste, bitter and acrid.

---Constituents---Probably Solanine and Solanidine and an organic acid.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---Sedative, antispasmodic; has long been used by the Southern negroes in the treatment ofepilepsy; is a useful remedy in infantile convulsions and menstrual hysteria, has no unpleasant effects, but its usefulness is said to be limited, unless given with bromides.

---Preparations and Dosages---Fluid drachm three times a day. Berries are given in doses of 5 to 60 grains. Root, 10 grains.

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