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Moss, Corsican

Botanical: Fucus helminthocorton (KÜTZ.)
Family: N.O. Algae

---Synonym---Alsidium Helminthocorton.
---Part Used---Whole plant.
---Habitat---Mediterranean coast, specially Corsica.

---Description---The drug is obtained from twenty to thirty species of Algae, chiefly Sphaerococcus helminthocorton. It is cartilaginous, filiform repeatedly forked, colour varies from white to brown, it has a nauseous taste, bitter and salt, odour rather pleasant.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---In Europe as an anthelmintic and febrifuge, it acts very successfully on lumbricoid intestinal worms. A decoction is made of it from 4 to 6 drachms to the pint. Dose, a wineglassful three times daily.

---Dosage---Ten to 60 grains in syrup or in infusion.

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