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Moss, Cup

Botanical: Cladonia Pyxidata (FRIES.)
Family: N.O. Lichenes

---Part Used---Whole plant.
---Habitat---North-west America, but now a common weed in many counties in Britain.

---Description---Cladonia is one of a numerous genus of lecidineous lichens. It grows abundantly in the woods and hedges and is a common species; it has no odour; taste sweetish and mucilagenous.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---Expectorant, a valuable medicine in whooping cough.

---Dosage---2 OZ. of the plant decocted and mixed with honey makes a good expectorant and a safe medicine for children's coughs.

---Other Species---
Cladonia rangiferina. The badge of the Clan McKenzie. Makes excellent food for reindeer.

C. sanguinea. In Brazil is rubbed down with sugar and water and applied in the thrush of infants.


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